Criticism in the workplace can be difficult to take, especially if the one delivering the criticism isn’t exactly subtle about it.

Here are some of the ways to deal with constructive criticism


Stay calm and listen; try your best to not react, not even with a facial expression because every criticism is meant to teach you something, getting defensive over it might mean a bigger blow and exaggeration.

See a critic and not the person; detach the criticism from the person speaking, examine and observe closely what was being said and pick out the information needed for your personal growth. As challenging as it seems, Criticism is a tool for building you.

Say thank you; put sarcasm away and say something like ‘’ we appreciate your feedback’’. This gives you an edge and attract people to do business with you.

Ask questions; stop engaging in debates, rather process what was said and seek clarity.  Research if other entrepreneurs had same encounter and how they solved it. Get advice and try to get to the root of the problem and get solution.

Criticism is often considered the only way to which an entrepreneur learns about their weaknesses, without critics an entrepreneur really can’t make an improvement. Instead of being defensive try accepting your flaws. Because when you don’t!! you run a risk of losing some insight.